Like you, we enjoy practicing karate and discussing karate. Welcome to our conversation!

Both Sensei Glen and Sensei Mae will be posting here on Let’s Talk Karate.

Sensei Mae is my daughter. I have been a black belt since 2015 and became one with my son John and wife Kim. I became a certified Sensei in October, 2016. I passed the second degree black belt test in May, 2017.

We wanted to continue the conversation we often had at the dinner table and after class.  I know that for our family we were blessed to have 4 of us working on our black belts at the same time—okay—Sensei Mae got there first—but our household conversations and dynamics were better for it. We believe this blog is a safe place for both the karate parent, ‘widow’ and the student.

All of our discussions and forms of martial arts are discussed through our filter of Shotokan Karate taught by Shihan Steve Napier of The Master’s Martial Arts Academy.

About Sensei Mae: she has a black belt in Shotokan Karate earned in 2013 and received her Sensei teaching certificate in 2015. In addition to teaching classes at my home dojo, she holds a full time job.

Sensei Mae got into karate when she was senior in high school. She knew she would be going to a university in a big city, and wanted to know how to defend herself. Throughout her journey she has met many black belts and senseis who have encouraged and pushed her to where she is today. And that is what we are both here to do for you.

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