You Are Not Art!


Anything is a weapon in the hands of a master

I told the class on Saturday, “You are not art.” As we were practicing our kicks at the second adult class of the day, some of the students’ form required a little adjustment. Of course, they were tired as many of them had already attended a class that day. So yes, we are not art—I cannot paint a perfect roundhouse kick and forever have that kick whenever I want to throw it!

Our bodies require us to come back into the dojo and practice our form, our strength and most of all our conditioning.  It would certainly be great if the kata I ran last week would be the same kata I run this week. If only we were art.

We are martial artists and as such have not perfected our waza (technique). I know we are working on it daily. As we advance in the ranks—though the colored belts and as black belts—we can go back and look at a simple roundhouse kick and find so much more in that kick than we did earlier in our martial arts background. We continue to grow and improve. A good Sensei is a key ingredient as the Sensei will push you forward and sometimes remind you that you are not art—keep working and pushing to the next level of artistry.

See you in class soon.  What practice do you need to ensure you are not art but an artist?